CDM812D Wheel Loader
CDM812D Wheel Loader

SX721 Портативный pH-метр, ОВП-метр

Введение ● Встроенные микросхемы микропроцессора, интеллектуальные функции, такие как автоматическая калибровка, автоматическая температурная компенсация, хране


● Built-in microprocessor chips, intelligent functions such as automatic calibration, automatic temperature compensation, data storage, function set-up, self-diagnose information, automatic power-off and low voltage display.
● Double-parameter meter, equipped with three-in-one combination pH electrode and ORP electrode, automatic identification of electrode by meter.
● Automatic identification of 13 pH standard calibration solutions, three options of standard buffer solutions: Europe and America series, NIST series and China series.
● Able to set pH measurement modes of high purity water and pure water with ammonia
● Meter meets IP57 rating, equipped with calibration solution and portable case.


CategoryProduct NameBasic features and specifications

Measuring range

(-2.00 ~ 19.99)pH


0.1/0.01 pH


Meter:±0.01pH; Overall: ±0.02pH

Input current

≤2×10-12 A

Input impendance

≥1×1012 Ω


±0.01 pH/3h
Temp. compensation range(0 ~ 100)℃(automatic)

Measuring range (mV/ORP/EH)

-1999mV ~ 0 ~ 1999mV




Meter:±0.1% FS, Overall: ±15mV
Other Technical Parameters

Data storage

200 groups
Storage contentSeries number, measuring value measuring unit and temperature,


Two AA batteries (1.5V x2)

Size and weight

meter:(65×120×31)mm/180g;Suitcase: (360×270×76)mm/1.6Kg
Quality and safety certificationISO9001:2000, CE and CMC
Working Condition

Environment temperature

5 ~ 35 ℃(0.01grade)

Environmental humidity


IP rating

IP57 Dustproof and waterproof

Standard Kit Includes

1. Model SX721 pH/ORP meter1unit
2. 201T-S plastic pH/ATC three-in-one combined electrode1pc
3. 301Pt-s plastic ORP combined electrode3pc
4. pH standard buffer solution(pH4.00, pH7.00 and pH10.01/50mL)1btl/each
5. 220mV ORP standard solution(50mL)1pc
6.Screw driver1pc
7. Spare AA batteries2pcs
8. Operation manual1pc
9. Carrying case1unit

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